Decimal to Binary conversion in Python.


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  1. To convert a decimal number to binary in Python, you can use several methods. I'll describe a few common ones:

    1. Using Built-in Functions

    Python provides a straightforward way to convert decimal to binary using the bin() function. This function takes an integer and returns a string with the binary representation, prefixed with '0b'.

    def decimal_to_binary(n):
        return bin(n)[2:]  # Removing the '0b' prefix
    # Example usage
    number = 10
    binary = decimal_to_binary(number)
    print(binary)  # Output: 1010

    2. Manual Method Using While Loop

    If you prefer to understand the underlying mechanism, you can manually convert the number using a while loop. This method involves dividing the number by 2 and keeping track of the remainder.

    def decimal_to_binary_manual(n):
        binary = ""
        while n > 0:
            binary = str(n % 2) + binary
            n = n // 2
        return binary
    # Example usage
    number = 10
    binary = decimal_to_binary_manual(number)
    print(binary)  # Output: 1010

    3. Recursive Method

    A recursive approach can also be used for this conversion. This involves calling the function within itself with a reduced problem size.

    def decimal_to_binary_recursive(n):
        if n > 1:
            return decimal_to_binary_recursive(n // 2) + str(n % 2)
        return str(n)
    # Example usage
    number = 10
    binary = decimal_to_binary_recursive(number)
    print(binary)  # Output: 1010

    4. Using Bitwise Operations

    For those familiar with bitwise operations, this method can be more efficient. It involves shifting bits and checking the least significant bit.

    def decimal_to_binary_bitwise(n):
        binary = ''
        while n:
            binary = str(n & 1) + binary
            n >>= 1
        return binary
    # Example usage
    number = 10
    binary = decimal_to_binary_bitwise(number)
    print(binary)  # Output: 1010

    Each of these methods will convert a decimal number to its binary representation. You can choose the one that best fits your needs or understanding.

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