JavaScript case conversion,


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  1. It refers to the task of converting text to either lowercase or uppercase in JavaScript.

    In JavaScript, you can convert the case of strings using the .toLowerCase() and .toUpperCase() methods. These methods are part of the String prototype and are used to convert a string to all lowercase or uppercase characters, respectively.

    Here are examples of both methods:

    1. Converting to Lowercase:

      To convert a string to lowercase, you use the .toLowerCase() method. This is useful when you want to normalize the case for comparisons or storage.

      let str = "Hello World!";
      let lowerStr = str.toLowerCase();
      console.log(lowerStr); // Outputs: "hello world!"
    2. Converting to Uppercase:

      Similarly, to convert a string to uppercase, you use the .toUpperCase() method. This might be used for emphasizing text or formatting.

      let str = "Hello World!";
      let upperStr = str.toUpperCase();
      console.log(upperStr); // Outputs: "HELLO WORLD!"

    These methods are widely used in JavaScript for various purposes like formatting, data normalization, and making case-insensitive comparisons. Remember, these methods do not change the original string but return a new string with the converted case. Strings in JavaScript are immutable, meaning they cannot be changed after they are created.

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