running a Python file from the command line.


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    Basic Command

    To run a Python file from the command line, you would typically use the python or python3 command followed by the file name. The exact command can vary depending on your operating system and how Python is installed and configured on your system.



    Or, if your system requires specifying Python 3 explicitly:


    Here, is the name of the Python file you want to run.


    Suppose you have a Python script named with the following content:

    print("Hello, World!")

    To run this script, you would open your command line or terminal, navigate to the directory where is located, and execute:




    Running with Arguments

    You can also pass command-line arguments to your Python script. These arguments can be accessed using the sys.argv list. First, you need to import the sys module. Example

    import sys
    # Print all the arguments passed to the script
    for i, arg in enumerate(sys.argv):
        print(f"Argument {i}: {arg}")

    To run this script with arguments:

    python arg1 arg2 arg3

    This command will pass arg1, arg2, and arg3 as arguments to your script, which then prints them out.

    Other Considerations

    • Python Path: Ensure the python or python3 command is correctly set up in your system's PATH environment variable, so you can run Python from any directory without specifying the full path to the Python executable.
    • File Permissions: On Unix-like systems (Linux, macOS), you might need to make your Python script executable before running it directly. This can be done with the chmod command (e.g., chmod +x Afterwards, you can run your script like this: ./
    • Virtual Environments: If you're using a Python virtual environment, make sure to activate it before running your script to ensure that the correct Python interpreter and libraries are used.

    These instructions cover the basic and most common scenarios for running Python scripts from the command line. There are more advanced use cases and configurations, but these should serve as a solid foundation for most needs.

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