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    The absint() function in WordPress is a simple yet useful tool. Its primary purpose is to convert a given value into a non-negative integer. This function is particularly handy when you want to ensure that a value you are working with is an integer and is not negative. This can be useful in various scenarios such as setting IDs, counts, or whenever a non-negative integer is required.

    Function Signature:

    absint( mixed $maybeint ): int


    • $maybeint (mixed) - This is the data you wish to have converted to a non-negative integer. It can be of any type that can be converted to an integer, such as a string, a float, or another integer.

    Return Value:

    • The function returns an integer (int) which is a non-negative integer version of the input value.

    How it Works:

    1. Conversion to Integer: The function first converts the input value to an integer. This means if you pass a string that contains numbers, it will be converted to an integer. For example, "10" becomes 10.
    2. Ensuring Non-negative: If the resulting integer is negative, the function will return 0. This means that it guarantees that the output is always non-negative.

    Sample Usage:

    Example 1: Converting a String to Integer

    $stringValue = "15";
    $intValue = absint($stringValue);
    // $intValue is now 15 (integer)

    In this example, a string "15" is passed to absint(). The function converts it to an integer with the same value.

    Example 2: Handling Negative Numbers

    $negativeNumber = -10;
    $positiveNumber = absint($negativeNumber);
    // $positiveNumber is now 0

    Here, a negative integer is passed. Since absint() does not allow negative values, it returns 0.

    Example 3: Using with Floats

    $floatValue = 10.75;
    $intValue = absint($floatValue);
    // $intValue is now 10

    In this case, a float is passed to the function. It converts the float to an integer, discarding the decimal part.

    Important Points:

    • If non-numeric values are passed, absint() will return 0.
    • It is widely used in WordPress to sanitize numeric values, especially IDs.
    • Being a part of WordPress's core functions, it's available in any WordPress environment.


    The absint() function is a straightforward yet powerful tool in WordPress for ensuring that values are non-negative integers. It's especially useful in scenarios where you are dealing with data that could potentially be in various formats and need to be standardized as non-negative integers for consistent processing.

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