Function and usage of activate_sitewide_plugin() in wordpress


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    The activate_sitewide_plugin() function in WordPress is a part of its Multisite feature, which allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single installation.



    Deprecated Functionality:

    This function was used for activating a network-only plugin across all sites in a WordPress Multisite network. However, it's important to note that activate_sitewide_plugin() has been deprecated. This means it is no longer recommended for use in newer WordPress versions, as it may be removed in future updates and can lead to compatibility issues.


    • Purpose: The primary use of this function was to activate a specific plugin across all sites within a WordPress Multisite network.
    • How It Worked: When invoked, it would ensure that the specified plugin was activated on each site within the network, not just the site where the activation was initiated.

    See Also:

    • activate_plugin(): This is an alternative function that's used for activating plugins in WordPress. Unlike activate_sitewide_plugin(), activate_plugin() is used for activating a plugin on a single site, whether in a Multisite network or a standard WordPress installation.

    Sample Usage (Historical Context):

    Let's assume you wanted to activate a plugin called example-plugin/example-plugin.php across all sites in your network. The usage of activate_sitewide_plugin() would have looked something like this:

    if ( function_exists( 'activate_sitewide_plugin' ) ) {
        activate_sitewide_plugin( 'example-plugin/example-plugin.php' );

    This code checks if activate_sitewide_plugin() exists to prevent errors in case of its removal in newer WordPress versions. Then it activates example-plugin/example-plugin.php across the entire network.

    Important Notes:

    • Deprecated Status: Since activate_sitewide_plugin() is deprecated, it's crucial to use current alternatives for similar functionality.
    • Current Alternatives: For activating plugins network-wide in a Multisite setup, you should explore current methods in the WordPress Codex or Developer Resources.
    • Future Proofing: Always ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress version to maintain security and functionality of your site.

    For the most current practices and functions, always refer to the official WordPress documentation.

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