Function and usage of addslashes_gpc() in wordpress


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    The addslashes_gpc() function in WordPress is designed to add backslashes to a string or to strings within an array. This is typically used to prepare data for insertion into a database, where special characters like quotes might otherwise cause problems. Here's a detailed breakdown:

    • Function Name: addslashes_gpc()

    • Parameters:

      • $gpc (string|array, required): This is the input parameter. It can be either a string or an array. If it's an array, the function will apply itself recursively to all strings within the array.
    • Functionality:

      • The primary purpose of this function is to add backslashes before characters that need to be escaped in database queries. These characters typically include single quotes ('), double quotes ("), backslashes (), and NUL (the NULL byte).
      • If $gpc is a string, it simply adds slashes to this string.
      • If $gpc is an array, the function goes through each element of the array. If an element is a string, it adds slashes to it. If an element is an array itself, it applies the same logic recursively.
    • Return Value:

      • The function returns the modified $gpc with slashes added. The return type is the same as the input type. If a string is provided, it returns a string. If an array is provided, it returns an array.

    Sample Usage:

    1. Using a String:

      $input_string = "O'Reilly's book";
      $escaped_string = addslashes_gpc($input_string);
      // $escaped_string is now "O\'Reilly\'s book"
    2. Using an Array:

      $input_array = ["O'Reilly's book", "A \"quote\""];
      $escaped_array = addslashes_gpc($input_array);
      // $escaped_array is now ["O\'Reilly\'s book", "A \"quote\""]

    In these examples, the function adds slashes before the single quote in "O'Reilly's" and before the double quotes around "quote". This makes the strings safe for use in SQL queries, preventing issues like SQL injection attacks or syntax errors caused by unescaped characters.

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