Function and usage of add_magic_quotes() in wordpress


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    The add_magic_quotes() function in WordPress is a utility function designed to sanitize the contents of an array. This function is particularly useful when dealing with data that needs to be secured before being used in a WordPress environment, especially to prevent security issues like SQL injection attacks. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:

    Function Definition

    • Function Name: add_magic_quotes
    • Parameters: array $input_array (required)
    • Return Type: array


    • Purpose: The primary function of add_magic_quotes() is to walk through each element of the provided array and sanitize its contents. This is typically done by adding slashes (\) before characters that need to be escaped in a string. It's a way to prepare the data for safe use, for example, in database queries or output to the browser.
    • Process: It recursively processes the array, ensuring that all levels of nested arrays are sanitized. This is important for handling complex data structures.


    • $input_array: This is the array you want to sanitize. It can be a simple array or a multi-dimensional one. Each element in this array will be processed by the function.

    Return Value

    • Return Type: The function returns an array.
    • Details: The returned array is a sanitized version of the $input_array. Each element of the array, including those in nested arrays, will have been sanitized by adding slashes before certain characters.

    Sample Usage

    // Sample array with potentially unsafe data
    $user_data = array(
        "name" => "O'Reilly",
        "email" => "",
        "details" => array(
            "address" => "123 Main St",
            "city" => "Anytown"
    // Sanitize the array
    $safe_user_data = add_magic_quotes($user_data);
    // Now $safe_user_data can be safely used in the application

    In this example, add_magic_quotes() will add slashes before any single quotes in the name value and similarly process other elements of the $user_data array. The resulting $safe_user_data array is now safer to use in contexts where special characters might pose a security risk.


    • Context of Use: While this function helps in sanitizing data, it's essential to use it appropriately within the context of your application's security strategy. Overreliance on functions like add_magic_quotes() without understanding the broader security implications can lead to vulnerabilities.
    • WordPress Updates: Be aware that WordPress continuously evolves, and functions may be deprecated or replaced. Always check the latest WordPress documentation for current best practices.

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