Function and usage of add_option_whitelist() in wordpress


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    The add_option_whitelist() function in WordPress is used to add an array of options to the list of allowed options in the WordPress options system. This function is particularly useful for plugin developers who need to safely register their custom options in WordPress.

    Function Definition:

    add_option_whitelist( array $new_options, string|array $option_group = '' ): array


    1. $new_options (array - required): This is the array of options you want to add to the whitelist. The array keys are the option names, and the values are the respective group names (if any) that these options belong to.

    2. $option_group (string|array - optional): This parameter specifies the option group(s) that the new options should be added to. It's optional and defaults to an empty string if not provided.

    Return Value:

    • array: The function returns an array of all whitelisted options, including the newly added ones.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's an example of how you might use add_option_whitelist() in a WordPress plugin:

    function my_plugin_register_options() {
        // Define the options to add
        $new_options = array(
            'my_plugin_option1' => 'my_plugin_group',
            'my_plugin_option2' => 'my_plugin_group'
        // Add the options to the whitelist
        add_option_whitelist($new_options, 'my_plugin_group');
    // Hook the function to an appropriate action in WordPress
    add_action('admin_init', 'my_plugin_register_options');

    In this example:

    • Two options ('my_plugin_option1' and 'my_plugin_option2') are defined for a plugin.
    • These options are added to the whitelist under the group 'my_plugin_group'.
    • The function my_plugin_register_options is hooked to the admin_init action, which is a standard practice in WordPress to register settings and options.

    Important Notes:

    • It's crucial to use this function responsibly, especially when dealing with options that might affect site security and functionality.
    • Always validate and sanitize your options before saving them to the database.
    • This function is part of the WordPress Settings API, which provides a more secure and standardized way of handling custom settings in WordPress.

    Remember, the way you use add_option_whitelist() might vary depending on your specific requirements and the structure of your plugin or theme.

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