Function and usage of add_theme_support() in wordpress


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    The add_theme_support() function in WordPress is an essential tool for theme developers. It allows themes to indicate support for specific features provided by WordPress. Here's a detailed explanation of its usage and functionality:


    add_theme_support( string $feature, mixed $args ): void|false


    Registers theme support for a given feature.


    • This function must be called within the theme’s functions.php file to be effective.
    • If it is attached to a hook, it should be after_setup_theme. Using the init hook might be too late for some features to be initialized properly.

    Example Usage:

    1. To enable support for the title tag in your theme:
      add_theme_support( 'title-tag' );
    2. To enable support for a custom logo with specific dimensions:
      add_theme_support( 'custom-logo', array(
          'height' => 480,
          'width'  => 720,
      ) );


    1. $feature (string - required): Specifies the feature for which support is being added. Commonly used values include:

      • 'title-tag'
      • 'custom-logo'
      • 'post-thumbnails'
      • 'custom-background'
      • 'custom-header'
      • 'menus'
      • 'html5'
      • 'widgets'
      • 'editor-styles'
      • ... and many more.
    2. $args (mixed - optional): Additional arguments to pass along with certain features. This parameter varies based on the feature being added. For example, when adding 'custom-logo', you can specify the logo's height and width.


    • void on successful execution.
    • false if the function fails to execute properly.

    Practical Considerations:

    • Always check the WordPress documentation for the latest features and arguments as they are updated frequently with new WordPress versions.
    • Be mindful of the theme's overall design and functionality when enabling certain features, as not all features may be suitable for every theme.
    • Test the theme thoroughly after adding or modifying support for any feature to ensure it works as expected.

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