Function and usage of attachment_id3_data_meta_box() in wordpress


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    The attachment_id3_data_meta_box() function in WordPress is designed to display fields for ID3 data. ID3 tags are used in MP3 files to store important information about the audio file, such as the title, artist, album, and more. This function helps to display this information in the WordPress admin area, typically when you are editing media files that contain such tags.

    Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:


    • Name: attachment_id3_data_meta_box
    • Purpose: To display fields for ID3 data in the WordPress admin area.
    • Location: Typically used in the media editing screens in the WordPress dashboard.


    • $post (WP_Post): This is the only parameter for the function. It is a required parameter and represents the current post object that you're working with. In the context of this function, the 'post' would be a media file, such as an MP3 file, that potentially contains ID3 tag information.

    Usage Example

    Suppose you're working on a custom plugin or theme, and you need to display the ID3 data for an audio file in the WordPress admin area. You could use attachment_id3_data_meta_box() as part of your setup. Here's a simple example:

    add_action('add_meta_boxes', 'custom_meta_box_add');
    function custom_meta_box_add() {
        add_meta_box('id3-data', 'ID3 Data', 'attachment_id3_data_meta_box', 'attachment', 'normal', 'high');
    function attachment_id3_data_meta_box($post) {
        // Default function behavior, WordPress handles the display

    In this example:

    1. add_action hooks into the add_meta_boxes action to add a new meta box.
    2. custom_meta_box_add() is a function that registers a new meta box using add_meta_box(). This meta box is for displaying ID3 data.
    3. attachment_id3_data_meta_box is the callback function for the meta box. In this case, it's the default WordPress function for displaying ID3 data, so you don't need to define its internal behavior unless you want to customize it.


    • This function is specific to WordPress and requires a proper WordPress environment to work.
    • The ID3 data will only be displayed if the media file in question contains ID3 tags.
    • This function is part of WordPress's internal functionality and is typically used by developers when extending or customizing the WordPress admin interface.

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