Function and usage of attachment_submitbox_metadata() in wordpress


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    The attachment_submitbox_metadata() function in WordPress is specifically designed for handling attachment metadata in the publish meta box. It plays a vital role in the WordPress media handling system, particularly when dealing with attachments like images, videos, documents, etc. Let's break down its functionality and usage:

    Function Overview


    • attachment_submitbox_metadata()


    • This function is used to display non-editable metadata of an attachment in the publish meta box within the WordPress admin interface.

    Usage Context

    • It's typically used in the backend, particularly in the media editing screens. The function is part of the WordPress core and is not usually directly used by theme or plugin developers. Instead, it's an internal function that WordPress uses to handle media attachments.


    • When an attachment, like an image or a video, is uploaded to WordPress, it carries with it a set of metadata. This metadata can include the file name, file type, upload date, file size, dimensions (for images), etc.
    • The attachment_submitbox_metadata() function retrieves this metadata from the WordPress database and displays it in a non-editable format in the publish meta box on the attachment editing screen.
    • It's important to note that this function does not allow you to edit the metadata; it only displays it for informational purposes.

    Sample Usage

    As mentioned, attachment_submitbox_metadata() is not typically used directly by developers in themes or plugins. However, its functionality is automatically employed by WordPress in the attachment editing screens. Here's a conceptual overview of how it's used within WordPress:

    1. Attachment Upload: A user uploads an attachment (e.g., an image) to the WordPress media library.
    2. Editing Screen: The user navigates to the attachment editing screen to view details or make changes to the attachment.
    3. Metadata Display: On this screen, WordPress internally calls the attachment_submitbox_metadata() function. This function fetches the attachment's metadata from the database.
    4. Information Display: The metadata is then displayed in a non-editable format in the publish meta box. This includes information like the file name, file type, upload date, and dimensions (for images).


    While attachment_submitbox_metadata() is not a function that developers will interact with directly in most cases, understanding its role is crucial for comprehending how WordPress handles attachment metadata. It ensures that users have access to key information about their media files in a consistent and reliable manner within the WordPress admin interface.

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