Function and usage of calendar_week_mod() in wordpress


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    The calendar_week_mod() function in WordPress is used to calculate the number of days that have passed since the start of the week. This function can be particularly useful when dealing with weekly schedules or events in WordPress development. Here's a detailed explanation of the function and its usage:

    Function Prototype:

    calendar_week_mod( int $num ): float


    • $num (int, required): This parameter represents the number of the day you're querying about. It's an integer value, typically ranging from 0 (for Sunday) to 6 (for Saturday), assuming a standard week starting on Sunday.


    • The calendar_week_mod() function calculates how many days have passed since the start of the week, based on the input day number $num.
    • It takes the day number as input and returns a floating-point number representing the days elapsed since the start of the week.

    Return Value:

    • The function returns a float value indicating the days since the start of the week.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's an example of how you might use calendar_week_mod() in a WordPress theme or plugin:

    // Assuming today is Wednesday and you want to find out how many days have passed since Sunday
    $day_number = 3; // Number for Wednesday (0 for Sunday, 1 for Monday, etc.)
    $days_passed = calendar_week_mod($day_number);
    echo "Days passed since the start of the week: " . $days_passed;

    In this example:

    • We're using 3 for Wednesday.
    • The function will calculate and return the number of days since Sunday (the start of the week).
    • If today is indeed Wednesday, it should return 3.0, indicating three days have passed since Sunday.


    • The exact behavior of this function can depend on the settings and configuration of your WordPress environment, particularly the configured start day of the week.
    • It's also important to handle the return value appropriately, as it's a floating-point number.

    This function is useful in scenarios where you need to perform operations based on the weekly progression, like scheduling posts, sending weekly reminders, or generating weekly reports.

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