Function and usage of can_edit_network() in wordpress


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    The can_edit_network() function in WordPress is a specific utility function used to determine if a particular network can be edited from the current page. Here's a detailed explanation and a sample usage of this function:

    Function Signature:

    can_edit_network( int $network_id ): bool


    • This function is primarily used in a WordPress Multisite setup, where there are multiple networks.
    • It checks whether the current user has the necessary permissions to edit the specified network.
    • By default, the ability to edit a network is restricted to the Network Admin of that particular $network_id. This function checks if this restriction can be overridden.


    • $network_id (int, required): The network ID for which the edit capability is being checked. This is a unique identifier for each network in a WordPress Multisite installation.


    • bool: Returns true if the network can be edited by the current user, and false otherwise.

    Sample Usage:

    Consider a scenario where you want to check if the current user can edit a network with a specific network ID in a WordPress Multisite setup. Here's how you might use can_edit_network():

    // Assume $network_id contains the ID of the network you want to check
    $network_id = 1; // Example network ID
    // Use can_edit_network() to check if this network can be edited
    if ( can_edit_network( $network_id ) ) {
        echo "The current user can edit this network.";
    } else {
        echo "The current user cannot edit this network.";

    In this example, the function can_edit_network($network_id) is called with the network ID. Based on the return value, a message is displayed indicating whether the current user has the capability to edit that specific network.

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