Function and usage of choose_primary_blog() in wordpress


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    The choose_primary_blog() function in WordPress is designed specifically for use in a multisite network, where users might have access to multiple sites within the network. Here's a detailed explanation of its function and usage:

    Function: choose_primary_blog()


    • Handles the Display of Choosing a User’s Primary Site: The primary role of this function is to manage the interface where a user can select their primary site within a multisite network.


    • Displays the User’s Primary Site: When invoked, this function shows the currently selected primary site for the user.
    • Allows User to Choose Which Site is Primary: It provides an interface for the user to select a different site as their primary one. This is especially useful in scenarios where a user is a member of multiple sites on the network, and they need to define which site is their main or default site.

    Usage in Context:

    • Typically Used in User Profile or Settings Page: This function is generally called on pages where user settings or profiles are managed. For instance, in the user’s profile page in the WordPress admin area.
    • Useful for Site Administrators in a Multisite Network: Site administrators can use this function to enhance user experience by allowing users to easily manage their primary site.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's a simple example of how choose_primary_blog() might be used in a WordPress theme or plugin:

    // Check if the WordPress installation is a multisite and the function exists
    if (is_multisite() && function_exists('choose_primary_blog')) {
        // Call the function to display the primary site selection interface

    In this example, the function is first checked for existence to ensure compatibility with all WordPress installations. It's also checked whether the WordPress installation is a multisite because this function is only relevant in a multisite environment.


    • Specific to WordPress Multisite: This function is only applicable in a WordPress multisite setup.
    • Not a Commonly Used Function: It’s not a function that you would frequently see in standard WordPress themes or plugins, as it serves a very specific purpose in multisite environments.

    Understanding the context and the specific environment where choose_primary_blog() is used is crucial for its effective implementation.

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