Function and usage of clean_site_details_cache() in wordpress


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    The clean_site_details_cache() function in WordPress is designed to clear the cache of site details for a specific site within a WordPress multisite network. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:


    • Purpose: clean_site_details_cache() is used to clean or clear the cached details of a specific site in a WordPress multisite setup. When you run a multisite network, WordPress stores various site details in cache to improve performance. Over time, or due to certain updates, this cache might hold outdated information. This function ensures that the cache is cleared, so the most recent site details are used.


    • $site_id (int, optional): This parameter specifies the ID of the site for which you want to clear the cache. It's an integer value representing the unique identifier of a site within your WordPress multisite network.
      • Default Value: If you don't provide a specific site_id, the function will default to clearing the cache for the current site you are working on.

    Usage Example:

    // Example 1: Clearing the cache for the current site
    // Example 2: Clearing the cache for a site with a specific site ID
    $specific_site_id = 5; // Replace 5 with the actual site ID

    Practical Scenarios for Use:

    1. After Updating Site Details: If you've made changes to the site settings or options that are not reflecting due to caching.
    2. In Custom Development: When developing custom plugins or themes that modify site details, to ensure changes are effective immediately.
    3. Maintenance Scripts: In scripts that automate maintenance tasks across a multisite network, ensuring cache consistency.

    Important Notes:

    • Multisite Only: This function is specifically for WordPress multisite installations. It won’t have any effect on a standard WordPress (single site) installation.
    • Permissions: Ensure you have the necessary permissions to clear cache, especially if you’re working in an environment with restricted access.
    • Caching Plugins: If you're using caching plugins, they might have their own mechanisms for caching site details, so consider that in your cache-clearing strategy.

    Using clean_site_details_cache() is part of good cache management practice in WordPress, especially in a multisite environment where stale cache data can lead to inconsistencies or outdated information being displayed.

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