Function and usage of clear_global_post_cache() in wordpress


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    The clear_global_post_cache() function in WordPress is a deprecated function, which means it is no longer recommended for use and may be removed in future versions of WordPress. This function was used to clear the global post cache. It is important to note that as WordPress evolves, certain functions become obsolete or are replaced with more efficient alternatives.


    clear_global_post_cache( int $post_id )


    • Primary Purpose: This function was designed to clear the global cache of a specific post in WordPress.
    • Deprecation Notice: It is vital to be aware that this function is deprecated. This implies that it is not supported in newer versions of WordPress and may lead to unexpected behavior or compatibility issues.
    • Alternative: WordPress recommends using clean_post_cache() as a modern and maintained alternative to clear_global_post_cache(). The newer function offers improved efficiency and compatibility with the latest WordPress versions.


    • $post_id (int, required): The unique identifier for the post whose cache you want to clear. This is an integer value representing the ID of the post in the WordPress database.

    Sample Usage:

    Even though clear_global_post_cache() is deprecated, a sample usage, if one were to use it, would look something like this in PHP:

    $post_id = 123; // Assuming 123 is the ID of the post
    clear_global_post_cache( $post_id );

    In this example, the cache for the post with ID 123 is intended to be cleared. However, since the function is deprecated, it's recommended to use clean_post_cache() instead:

    $post_id = 123; // Assuming 123 is the ID of the post
    clean_post_cache( $post_id );

    Best Practice:

    • Use Updated Functions: Always prefer using the latest functions provided by WordPress (clean_post_cache() in this case) to ensure compatibility and stability.
    • Check for Deprecation: Regularly review WordPress documentation for any updates or deprecation notices related to the functions you are using.


    In summary, while clear_global_post_cache() is a part of WordPress's historical functions, it is deprecated and should be replaced with clean_post_cache() in modern WordPress development practices. This ensures that your WordPress projects remain up-to-date, efficient, and compatible with the latest WordPress standards.

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