Function and usage of comment_author() in wordpress


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    The comment_author() function in WordPress is used to display the author of a comment. It's a part of WordPress's extensive set of functions for managing and displaying comments on posts and pages. Let's break down its usage and parameters:


    • Purpose: comment_author() is used to display the name of the author of a comment.
    • Usage Context: This function is typically used within the WordPress Loop or a comments loop to output the name of the commenter.


    • $comment_id (int|WP_Comment): This parameter is optional. It can either be an integer representing the ID of a comment or an instance of the WP_Comment class.
      • If you pass a comment ID, the function will display the author of that specific comment.
      • If you pass a WP_Comment object, it will display the author of the comment represented by that object.
      • If no parameter is provided, the function defaults to the current comment in the loop.

    Sample Usage:

    In a Comments Loop

    Within a comments loop, you can use comment_author() without parameters to display the author of each comment as you iterate through them:

    // Assume we are within a comments loop
    foreach ( $comments as $comment ) {
        // Set up the comment for global functions
        setup_commentdata( $comment );
        // Display the author of the current comment

    For a Specific Comment

    To display the author of a specific comment by its ID:

    $comment_id = 123; // Replace with a specific comment ID
    comment_author( $comment_id );

    Using WP_Comment Object

    If you have a WP_Comment object, you can also use it as a parameter:

    $comment = get_comment( 123 ); // Replace 123 with the comment ID
    comment_author( $comment );


    • This function is used for displaying the author's name in the front end, often in the context of a comments section under a post.
    • It is important to remember that this function directly outputs the author's name. If you need to retrieve the name and use it in your code, you would use get_comment_author() instead.

    This function is a simple yet powerful tool for theme developers and anyone looking to customize the comment display on their WordPress site.

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