Function and usage of comment_author_email() in wordpress


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    The comment_author_email() function in WordPress is used to display the email address of the author of a comment. This function is part of the WordPress core and is often used in themes and plugins to provide information about the author of a comment.


    comment_author_email( int|WP_Comment $comment_id )


    • This function is designed to display the email address of the author of the currently processed comment in the global $comment object.
    • It is important to handle this function with care, as exposing email addresses on a website can lead to them being harvested by spammers and bots.
    • Typically, WordPress users expect their email addresses to be kept private and not displayed openly on the website. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that email addresses are not rendered in a way that can be easily captured by email harvesters.


    • $comment_id (int|WP_Comment) (Optional): This can be either:
      • An integer representing the ID of the comment.
      • A WP_Comment object.
    • The default value is the current comment being processed.

    Usage Example:

    Here's a basic example of how comment_author_email() might be used in a WordPress theme or plugin:

    if ( have_comments() ) {
        while ( have_comments() ) {
            echo 'Comment Author Email: ';

    In this example, the function is used within a loop that iterates over all comments. For each comment, it displays the text 'Comment Author Email: ' followed by the email address of the comment's author.

    Best Practices:

    • Security and Privacy: Always consider the privacy and security implications of displaying email addresses. It's generally recommended to avoid showing raw email addresses on web pages.
    • Customization and Styling: You can customize how the email address is displayed using CSS or by wrapping it in HTML elements.
    • Conditional Display: You might want to conditionally display the email address only to certain users, such as administrators or moderators, to enhance privacy.

    Remember, the primary goal of using this function should be aligned with enhancing the user experience on your WordPress site, while keeping user data like email addresses secure and private.

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