Function and usage of comment_author_link() in wordpress


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    The comment_author_link() function in WordPress is designed for displaying the HTML link to the URL of the author of the current comment. It's a useful function when you're customizing the comment section of a WordPress site, as it allows for a more interactive and connected experience.


    • Name: comment_author_link()
    • Purpose: To display the HTML link to the author's URL of the current comment.


    • $comment_id (int|WP_Comment): This parameter can be either an integer or a WP_Comment object. It's an optional parameter. When specified, it refers to the comment for which the author's link is to be printed. If it's not provided, the function defaults to the current comment in the loop.


    Default Usage

    In its simplest form, you can use comment_author_link() without any arguments. This will display the author link of the current comment in the WordPress loop.

    <?php comment_author_link(); ?>

    With a Specific Comment ID

    If you want to display the author link for a specific comment, you can pass the comment ID or the WP_Comment object as an argument.

    $comment_id = 123; // replace 123 with the actual comment ID

    Inside a Loop

    Typically, comment_author_link() is used within a comments loop, where it automatically fetches and displays the author link for each comment iterated over.

    // Example of a comments loop
    foreach ( $comments as $comment ) {
        echo '<div class="comment-author">';
        echo '</div>';


    • The function automatically echoes the link, so you don't need to use echo.
    • The author link is only displayed if the author provided a URL when posting the comment.
    • It's a part of WordPress's template tags for comments, making it easy to integrate into themes.

    Using comment_author_link() enhances the comment section by linking back to the commenters' websites, fostering a sense of community and connection among your site's visitors.

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