Function and usage of convert_smilies() in wordpress


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    The convert_smilies() function in WordPress is used to convert text equivalents of smilies (also known as emoticons) into their corresponding image representations. This function enhances the visual appeal of content by replacing standard text-based emoticons with more visually engaging images. Here's a detailed explanation of its functionality and usage:


    • convert_smilies( string $text ): string


    • The primary function of convert_smilies() is to scan a given string for text patterns that represent smilies, like :-) for a smiley face, and replace them with corresponding images.
    • This conversion happens only if the WordPress option use_smilies is set to true. This option can usually be toggled in the WordPress settings, indicating whether or not emoticons should be converted to images.
    • The function also checks a global variable that contains the smiley images and their text equivalents. If this global variable is empty, no conversion will occur.


    • $text (string, required): This parameter represents the content in which the text smilies need to be converted. It could be a post, comment, or any other text content within WordPress.


    • The function returns a string. This string is the modified version of the original $text, where all recognizable text smilies have been replaced with their image counterparts.

    Sample Usage:

    $content = "Hello world! :-)";
    $converted_content = convert_smilies($content);
    // $converted_content will now have the smiley face text ":-)" replaced with an image

    In this example, if $content contains text smilies and the use_smilies option is enabled in WordPress, then convert_smilies($content) would return the content with all the smilies converted to their image representations.

    It's important to note that the specific images used for smilies depend on the WordPress theme and configuration, as themes might add custom styling or images for smilies.

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