Function and usage of core_update_footer() in wordpress


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    The core_update_footer() function in WordPress is designed to handle the display of the footer message related to core updates. Here's a detailed explanation:

    Function Signature

    core_update_footer( string $msg = '' ): string


    • $msg (string, optional): This parameter allows you to provide a custom message that will be included in the footer. If not provided, it defaults to an empty string ('').

    Return Value

    • Return Type: string
    • The function returns a string, which is the message to be displayed in the footer. This message typically includes information about WordPress core updates. If a custom message is provided in $msg, it will be included in the returned string.


    The core_update_footer() function is primarily used within the WordPress admin area to display messages in the footer related to core updates. It's a part of WordPress's internal mechanisms for update notifications and is not commonly used in theme or plugin development.

    Sample Usage

    Here's a basic example of how core_update_footer() might be used:

    // Using the function without a custom message
    $footer_message = core_update_footer();
    echo $footer_message;
    // Using the function with a custom message
    $custom_msg = "Custom Update Message: ";
    $footer_message_with_custom = core_update_footer($custom_msg);
    echo $footer_message_with_custom;

    In this example:

    1. First, the function is called without a custom message, and the default core update footer message is returned and displayed.
    2. Then, it's called with a custom message, which is prepended to the default core update footer message.


    • It's important to understand that this function is tied to the WordPress admin interface and is not typically used for front-end development.
    • The output and behavior of this function might change depending on the WordPress version and the state of updates for your WordPress installation.

    This function is a part of WordPress's extensive API, which includes numerous functions for various aspects of content management and site administration.

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