Function and usage of core_upgrade_preamble() in wordpress


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    The core_upgrade_preamble() function in WordPress is used in the context of the WordPress administration dashboard, particularly for the updates section. Here's a detailed explanation and a sample usage:

    Function: core_upgrade_preamble()


    core_upgrade_preamble() is designed to display the upgrade interface within the WordPress admin area. It's a part of the core WordPress code that handles the presentation of options and information related to upgrading WordPress to the latest version.

    Key Features:

    1. Display Version Information: It shows the current WordPress version installed and informs if a newer version is available.
    2. Upgrade Options: Offers two primary choices for upgrading:
      • Automatic Upgrade: Allows the user to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress automatically with a single click. This process handles the download and installation of the new version seamlessly.
      • Manual Download: Provides a link to download the latest WordPress version for manual installation. This is useful for users who prefer or need to perform the upgrade process manually, such as through FTP.

    Usage Context:

    This function is typically called in the WordPress admin panel, specifically on the updates page (dashboard -> updates). It's not intended for use in themes or plugins, as its scope is limited to the admin dashboard area for upgrading WordPress.

    Sample Usage:

    While developers generally do not need to directly use or modify this function, understanding its placement can be helpful. In a typical setup, the function is invoked as part of the WordPress core.

    For instance, in the admin dashboard, when you navigate to the 'Updates' section, core_upgrade_preamble() is executed to render the upgrade interface. This function takes care of checking the current WordPress version, communicating with the servers to check for updates, and presenting the user with appropriate upgrade options.


    Since it's a core function, direct modification is not recommended due to the risk of breaking the update mechanism or causing security issues. Customization related to the upgrade process is usually handled through hooks and filters, or by developing custom plugins that interact with the WordPress update system.


    core_upgrade_preamble() is part of the internal WordPress infrastructure. As such, it is subject to change in different versions of WordPress, and it's always recommended to refer to the latest WordPress Codex or Developer Resources for the most up-to-date information about this and other core functions.

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