Function and usage of default_topic_count_text() in wordpress


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    The default_topic_count_text() function in WordPress is a relatively straightforward function. Its purpose is to serve as an old callback for tag link tooltips. Here's a detailed explanation of its function and usage:

    Function Signature

    default_topic_count_text( int $count ): int


    • $count (int, required): This parameter represents the number of topics. It is an integer value that you need to pass to the function.

    Return Value

    • The function returns an integer (int). This return value is the same as the number of topics passed in the $count parameter.

    Function Purpose

    • The primary purpose of this function is to generate a text string for tooltips associated with tag links, especially in the context of topic counts. It was used in older versions of WordPress.
    • The function is typically used in conjunction with tag cloud widgets or similar displays where each tag's size might correspond to the number of associated topics or posts.

    Sample Usage

    In a typical scenario, you might encounter or use this function in a context where tag counts are being displayed. Here's a simple example:

    $topic_count = 10;
    $tooltip_text = default_topic_count_text($topic_count);
    echo 'Number of topics: ' . $tooltip_text;

    In this example:

    • We have a variable $topic_count which is set to 10.
    • This variable is then passed to the default_topic_count_text() function.
    • The function returns the same count, which is then concatenated with a string to display the number of topics.
    • The output of this code will be: "Number of topics: 10".

    Important Notes

    • As this function is described as an "old callback," it's important to check the current version of WordPress you are working with. In newer versions, this function might be deprecated or replaced by more advanced or efficient methods.
    • Always ensure that the use of such functions aligns with the latest WordPress coding standards and practices.

    This function is quite straightforward and is mainly used for formatting or displaying topic counts in a specific context within WordPress themes or plugins.

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