Function and usage of delete_users_add_js() in wordpress


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    The delete_users_add_js() function in WordPress is not a standard function provided by WordPress itself. It seems like it could be a custom function, possibly defined in a theme or plugin. Without specific information about this function, I can only provide a general explanation based on its name and typical WordPress practices.

    1. Function Name Analysis: The name delete_users_add_js suggests that this function is related to deleting users and adding JavaScript (JS) in some way. The name implies that it might be used to inject some JavaScript code into a page when users are being deleted.

    2. Possible Functionality:

      • User Deletion: Part of the function likely involves operations related to user deletion. This could mean handling user deletion requests, performing checks before users are deleted, or triggering additional actions when a user is deleted.
      • JavaScript Injection: The _add_js part of the name suggests that the function is responsible for adding JavaScript code. This JavaScript could be for various purposes, such as confirming user deletion actions, providing notifications, or handling other interactive elements related to user management.
    3. Sample Usage:

      • In a Plugin or Theme: If this function is part of a custom plugin or theme, it would be used within that specific context. For example, it might be hooked into WordPress actions or filters related to user management.
      • Hooking into WordPress Actions: The function could be hooked to WordPress actions like delete_user, pre_user_delete, or admin_enqueue_scripts to execute its logic at the appropriate time.
    4. Custom Implementation: If you are implementing a function like this, you would typically:

      • Define the function in your theme's functions.php file or in a custom plugin file.
      • Use WordPress functions and hooks to interact with user deletion processes.
      • Enqueue JavaScript files or inline scripts using functions like wp_enqueue_script() or wp_add_inline_script().

    Since the exact nature and implementation of delete_users_add_js() are not known, this is a speculative explanation based on WordPress development practices. For precise details, you would need to look at the source code where this function is defined or provide more context about where you encountered this function.

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