Function and usage of discover_pingback_server_uri() in wordpress


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    The discover_pingback_server_uri() function in WordPress is used to find the pingback server URI based on a given URL. Here's a detailed explanation of its functionality and usage:


    • Name: discover_pingback_server_uri
    • Purpose: Finds a pingback server URI based on a specified URL.


    This function primarily serves to identify the pingback server associated with a particular URL. It achieves this by:

    1. Checking X-Pingback Headers: The function first looks for X-Pingback headers in the HTTP response of the given URL. If these headers are present, the function returns the URI found in these headers.

    2. Checking rel="pingback" Link: If the X-Pingback headers are not present, the function then checks the HTML content of the URL for a link element with rel="pingback". This step involves parsing the HTML, which can be more resource-intensive than just checking the headers.


    1. $url (string, required): The URL for which the pingback server URI is to be discovered. This is the primary input for the function.

    2. $deprecated (string, optional): A parameter that is not used. It is kept for backward compatibility or future use. The default value is an empty string ''.


    • Type: string|false
    • Description: The function returns a string containing the URI of the pingback server if it successfully finds one. If it fails to find a pingback server URI, it returns false.

    Sample Usage:

    // Example URL
    $url = "";
    // Discover the pingback server URI
    $pingback_uri = discover_pingback_server_uri($url);
    // Check if a pingback URI was found
    if ($pingback_uri !== false) {
        echo "Pingback server URI: " . $pingback_uri;
    } else {
        echo "No pingback server URI found for the given URL.";

    In this example, the discover_pingback_server_uri() function is called with a sample URL. It attempts to find the pingback server URI for that URL and outputs the result. If a pingback server URI is found, it is printed out. Otherwise, a message indicating failure to find the URI is displayed.

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