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    The documentation_link() function in WordPress is an admin function that is no longer in use. This function was originally designed to provide a link to the WordPress documentation, typically for use within the admin area of a WordPress site. However, over time and through various updates to the WordPress core, this function became obsolete and is not used in the latest versions of WordPress.

    Function Definition

    In its active days, the documentation_link() function might have looked something like this:

    function documentation_link() {
        // Code to generate and return a link to the WordPress documentation

    Usage (Historical Context)

    1. Admin Dashboard: The function could have been used in the WordPress admin dashboard to provide quick access to relevant documentation for site administrators.

    2. Help Menus: In various sections of the admin area, especially where settings or features might have been complex, this function could have provided context-sensitive links to appropriate documentation pages.

    3. Plugins and Themes: Developers of plugins and themes might have used this function to include links to specific WordPress documentation that would assist users in understanding how to use their products.

    Sample Usage (Hypothetical)

    Here's a hypothetical example of how it might have been used:

    if (current_user_can('manage_options')) {
        echo '<a href="' . documentation_link() . '">Learn more about this feature</a>';

    In this example, the function is used to generate a link only if the current user has the capability to manage options. This would typically be an administrator.

    Current Status

    As of now, the documentation_link() function is not used in WordPress. Developers and administrators are encouraged to directly link to the WordPress Codex or Developer Resources for documentation. This change reflects the evolving nature of WordPress and its documentation practices. For up-to-date information on linking to WordPress documentation, it's best to refer to the latest WordPress Developer Resources or Codex.

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