Function and usage of do_action_deprecated() in wordpress


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    The do_action_deprecated() function in WordPress is used for handling deprecated action hooks. This function is particularly useful when you want to maintain backward compatibility while encouraging developers to transition to newer, preferred hooks. Here's a detailed breakdown of this function and its usage:


    • Name: do_action_deprecated()


    • Description: This function is designed to fire functions attached to a deprecated action hook. When an action hook becomes deprecated in WordPress, the standard do_action() call is replaced with do_action_deprecated(). This function triggers a deprecation notice, which is useful for developers, and then fires the original action hook. This approach helps in transitioning away from outdated hooks while still supporting them for backward compatibility.


    1. $hook_name (string, required):
      • This is the name of the action hook that has been deprecated.
    2. $args (array, required):
      • An array of additional function arguments that are to be passed to do_action(). These arguments are used by the functions or methods hooked (attached) to the action.
    3. $version (string, required):
      • Specifies the version of WordPress that deprecated the hook. This information is used in the deprecation notice to inform developers when the deprecation occurred.
    4. $replacement (string, optional):
      • Indicates the new hook that should be used in place of the deprecated one. The default value is an empty string, meaning no replacement is specified.
    5. $message (string, optional):
      • An optional message providing additional information about the deprecation and replacement. This can be used to give context or instructions to developers. Default is an empty string.

    Related Function:

    • _deprecated_hook():
      • This is a related function that is often used internally by do_action_deprecated() to handle the deprecation notice and logging.

    Sample Usage:

    // Assume 'old_hook_name' is a deprecated hook and 'new_hook_name' is its replacement
    add_action('old_hook_name', 'my_custom_function');
    function my_custom_function($arg1, $arg2) {
        // Function code here
    // Inside a plugin or theme where the old hook is triggered
    do_action_deprecated('old_hook_name', array($arg1, $arg2), '5.0', 'new_hook_name', 'old_hook_name is deprecated since WordPress 5.0! Use new_hook_name instead.');

    In this example, when old_hook_name is triggered, it will not only execute my_custom_function() but also generate a deprecation notice informing that 'old_hook_name' is deprecated since WordPress 5.0 and recommending the use of 'new_hook_name' instead. This approach ensures that existing functionality relying on the old hook continues to work while encouraging developers to adopt the new hook.

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