Function and usage of do_all_pings() in wordpress


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    The do_all_pings() function in WordPress is a part of the WordPress core and is responsible for handling various types of notifications and updates to other sites and services when content is published or updated. Here's a detailed explanation of its functionality and a sample usage:

    Function: do_all_pings()


    • Performs Various Notifications: This function handles the sending of multiple types of notifications, including pingbacks, trackbacks, and enclosures.
    • Updates Pingback Services: Additionally, it communicates with pingback services to inform them of updates or new posts.


    1. Pingbacks: A method for web authors to request notification when somebody links to one of their documents. This function automatically sends pingbacks to all the links in a post.
    2. Enclosures: This is typically used for podcasts. If a new media file is linked in the post, this function can automatically include it as an enclosure in the RSS feed.
    3. Trackbacks: An older method similar to pingbacks, where the software sends a snippet of content to another site as a notification of a reference or link.
    4. Pingback Services Notification: The function also notifies update services that a new post has been published, which helps in informing search engines and other directories of new content for indexing.

    How it Works:

    • When a post is published or updated, WordPress automatically calls this function.
    • The function goes through the post's content, identifies URLs for pingbacks, and prepares trackbacks and enclosures.
    • It then sends out these notifications to the respective URLs and services.

    Sample Usage:

    // Generally, you don't need to call this function manually.
    // WordPress calls it whenever a post is published or updated.
    // However, if needed, it can be invoked like so:
    // This would manually trigger all the pingbacks, trackbacks, and other notifications for the latest post or update.


    • Automatic Handling: Usually, WordPress handles these operations automatically, so manual intervention is rarely required.
    • Performance Consideration: Frequent manual calls to this function can impact server performance due to the number of external requests made.

    In summary, do_all_pings() is a behind-the-scenes function in WordPress that plays a critical role in notifying other sites and services about new or updated content, thereby enhancing the connectivity and reach of a WordPress site.

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