Function and usage of do_core_upgrade() in wordpress


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    The do_core_upgrade() function in WordPress is a crucial function for upgrading the core WordPress software. Here's a detailed explanation of its function and a sample usage:

    Function: do_core_upgrade()

    • Purpose: This function is used to upgrade the core WordPress software. It primarily focuses on the display aspect of the upgrade process, ensuring that the user interface reflects the changes and updates being made during the upgrade.


    • $reinstall (bool, optional): This parameter determines the nature of the upgrade.
      • Type: Boolean
      • Default value: false
      • Description: When set to true, the function will reinstall the current version of WordPress. This can be useful for fixing a corrupted WordPress installation or restoring the default version of WordPress without upgrading to a newer version. When set to false, it proceeds with a regular upgrade to the latest version.

    Sample Usage:

    // Sample usage of do_core_upgrade()
    // Scenario 1: Regular Upgrade
    // Here, we are upgrading WordPress to the latest version without reinstallation.
    // Scenario 2: Reinstallation
    // In this case, we are re-installing the current version of WordPress. This is useful for repair or restoration purposes.

    In the first scenario, do_core_upgrade() is called without any arguments. This initiates a standard upgrade to the latest version of WordPress. In the second scenario, the function is called with the $reinstall parameter set to true, which triggers a reinstallation of the current WordPress version, rather than an upgrade.

    Important Notes:

    • Backup: Always ensure to back up your WordPress site before performing an upgrade or reinstallation.
    • Use in Context: This function is typically used within the WordPress admin context, particularly in update scripts or maintenance routines. It's not commonly used in themes or plugins.
    • WordPress Version Compatibility: Always check for the compatibility of your themes and plugins with the new WordPress version before upgrading.

    This function is a part of the WordPress core, and its usage is generally handled by WordPress itself during the update process. Manual usage is rare and should be done with caution, considering the potential impacts on the site's stability and functionality.

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