Function and usage of do_robots() in wordpress


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    The do_robots() function in WordPress is a specialized function used for managing the content of the site's robots.txt file. This file is crucial for search engine optimization, as it guides search engine bots on how to interact with your website.

    Function: do_robots()


    do_robots() is designed to display the default content of the robots.txt file for a WordPress site. The robots.txt file is used to instruct web crawling bots (like those of Google, Bing, etc.) on which parts of the site should or should not be crawled and indexed.

    How It Works:

    1. Action Hook: The function begins by triggering the do_robotstxt action hook. This allows plugins and themes to add or modify the rules in the robots.txt file before it is displayed.

    2. Default Rules: If the blog is public (as determined by the 'blog_public' option), do_robots() provides default rules. These typically include user-agent specifications and directives for crawling.

    3. Echo Content: The function then echoes the rules, which means it sends them to the user's browser. This is how the robots.txt file content is displayed when someone accesses

    Usage Example:

    function custom_robotstxt_rules() {
        echo "User-agent: *\n";
        echo "Disallow: /wp-admin/\n";
        echo "Allow: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php\n";
    add_action( 'do_robotstxt', 'custom_robotstxt_rules' );

    In this example, the custom_robotstxt_rules function is hooked to do_robotstxt. It adds custom rules to the robots.txt file, instructing all user-agents (search bots) to avoid crawling the /wp-admin/ directory, while allowing access to admin-ajax.php.


    • Customization: While do_robots() provides a basic set of rules, the real power lies in its customization through hooks. Developers can use the do_robotstxt action hook to add or modify rules.
    • Accessing robots.txt: To see the output of do_robots(), simply navigate to
    • SEO Impact: Proper configuration of robots.txt via do_robots() can positively impact a site's SEO by guiding search engine bots to relevant content and preventing them from indexing sensitive or irrelevant areas.

    In summary, do_robots() in WordPress is an essential function for managing how search engines interact with your site through the robots.txt file. By utilizing this function, along with appropriate hooks, you can effectively control the crawling and indexing of your site's content.

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