Function and usage of edit_form_image_editor() in wordpress


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    The edit_form_image_editor() function in WordPress is a specialized function used within the WordPress admin area. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:

    Function: edit_form_image_editor( WP_Post $post )


    This function is designed to display an image and its associated editing interface in the WordPress post editor. It is typically used in scenarios where an image needs to be edited directly within the context of a post.


    • $post (WP_Post, required): This parameter is a WordPress Post object. It represents the post for which the image editor is being invoked. This object contains all the data associated with a specific post, including its content, author, date, and custom fields, among others.


    The edit_form_image_editor() function is used within the WordPress admin area, particularly when you are editing a post and need to include an image editing interface. Here's a sample usage scenario:

    1. Integration in a Custom Admin Page or Metabox:

      • If you are creating a custom admin page or a metabox for a post type, and you want to provide users with the ability to edit images directly from this interface, you can use edit_form_image_editor().
      • For example, if you have a custom post type for 'Gallery', and you want to allow users to edit gallery images directly from the post edit screen, you would invoke this function.
    2. Example Code:

      add_action('add_meta_boxes', 'add_custom_image_editor');
      function add_custom_image_editor() {
          add_meta_box('custom_image_editor', 'Edit Image', 'custom_image_editor_callback', 'post');
      function custom_image_editor_callback($post) {
          // Check if there's an image in the post
          if (has_post_thumbnail($post->ID)) {
              // Display the image editor for the post's featured image
          } else {
              echo 'No image available for editing.';

      In this example, a custom metabox is added to the post edit screen. If the post has a featured image, the image editor is displayed using the edit_form_image_editor() function.


    • Context-Specific: This function is specifically used within the admin area and is not intended for front-end use.
    • Permissions: Ensure that the user has appropriate permissions to edit the post and its images.
    • Dependencies: This function is part of the WordPress core, so it should be used within the context of a WordPress plugin or theme development.

    This function is useful for enhancing the image editing capabilities directly within the WordPress post editor, providing a more integrated and seamless workflow for content management.

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