Function and usage of edit_post_link() in wordpress


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    The edit_post_link() function in WordPress is a template tag used to display an edit link for a post. This function is particularly useful for theme developers who want to provide a convenient way for users to edit posts directly from the front end of the site. Here's a detailed breakdown of the function and its parameters:


    • Purpose: edit_post_link() displays an edit link for a post. This link is typically visible only to users with the appropriate permissions to edit the post.


    1. $text (string, optional):

      • This parameter specifies the anchor text for the edit link.
      • If set to null, the default text is ‘Edit This’.
      • Default value: null.
    2. $before (string, optional):

      • This is the content to display before the edit link.
      • It's useful for adding HTML or text to format the link within the page.
      • Default value: An empty string ''.
    3. $after (string, optional):

      • Similar to $before, this parameter allows you to add content after the edit link.
      • Default value: An empty string ''.
    4. $post (int | WP_Post, optional):

      • This can be either the ID of the post or a WP_Post object.
      • If not specified, the function uses the global $post object, referring to the current post in the loop.
      • Default value: The global $post.
    5. $css_class (string, optional):

      • This parameter allows you to add a custom CSS class to the edit link.
      • Useful for styling the link via CSS.
      • Default value: 'post-edit-link'.

    Sample Usage:

    // Simple usage: Display edit link with default settings
    // Custom usage: Custom text and styling
    edit_post_link('Edit this post', '<p class="edit-link">', '</p>', null, 'my-custom-class');

    In the custom usage example, the function will display an edit link with the text "Edit this post". The link will be wrapped in a paragraph tag with a class edit-link, and the link itself will have the class my-custom-class.


    • The edit link is visible only to users who are logged in and have the appropriate permissions to edit the post.
    • This function is typically used in WordPress theme files, like single.php, page.php, or within The Loop in index.php.

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