Function and usage of enqueue_comment_hotkeys_js() in wordpress


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    The enqueue_comment_hotkeys_js() function in WordPress is used to add keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation in the WordPress admin area. This function is particularly useful for website administrators and moderators who need to manage comments quickly and efficiently. Here's a detailed explanation and an example of how it's used:

    Function: enqueue_comment_hotkeys_js()


    • Enqueues the Comment Hotkeys Script: This function enqueues a jQuery script that provides keyboard shortcuts for comment moderation. These shortcuts allow moderators to perform various actions like approving, deleting, marking as spam, or moving to trash without using the mouse.

    How it Works:

    1. Admin Panel Check: The function first checks if the user is on the admin panel. It only enqueues the script if the user is viewing an admin page.
    2. User Capability Check: It then checks if the current user has the capability to moderate comments. The script is only useful for users who have the permissions to take actions on comments.
    3. Script Enqueue: If the above conditions are met, the function enqueues the comment-hotkeys.js script. This script is part of WordPress core and resides in the /wp-includes/js/ directory.


    The function is typically hooked to the admin_enqueue_scripts action. This ensures that the script is loaded only when necessary, i.e., when an admin page is being viewed.

    Sample Usage:

    In your theme's functions.php file or a custom plugin file, you might use it like this:

    function my_custom_admin_scripts() {
        if ( is_admin() ) { // Optional: additional check to ensure it's an admin page.
    add_action( 'admin_enqueue_scripts', 'my_custom_admin_scripts' );

    Important Notes:

    • Performance: Since the script is enqueued only when necessary, it doesn't impact the front-end website performance.
    • User Preference: Users need to enable keyboard shortcuts in their WordPress profile page to use these shortcuts.
    • WordPress Updates: Being a core function, it's maintained and updated with WordPress updates, ensuring compatibility and security.

    By using enqueue_comment_hotkeys_js(), WordPress streamlines the process of comment moderation, making it faster and more keyboard-friendly, particularly beneficial for websites with high comment volume.

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