Function and usage of ent2ncr() in wordpress


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    The ent2ncr() function in WordPress is a utility function used to convert named entities into numbered entities. This function is particularly useful in scenarios where you need to ensure that your HTML entity encoding is compatible with a variety of character encoding standards. Here's a detailed explanation:

    Function Signature

    ent2ncr( string $text ): string


    • $text (string, required): This is the text in which the named entities are to be converted. Named entities are those that use a name to represent a character, like © for the copyright symbol.


    • Conversion of Named Entities to Numbered Entities: The primary function of ent2ncr() is to take the input text and convert all named HTML entities into their numbered counterparts. For example, the named entity © (copyright symbol) would be converted to its numbered equivalent ©.
    • Compatibility Across Different Encodings: This conversion is beneficial because numbered entities are more universally compatible across different character encodings. While named entities are easily readable by humans, they might cause issues in certain encoding environments where the entity names are not recognized.

    Return Value

    • The function returns a string. This string is the same as the input text, except that all the named entities have been converted to their corresponding numbered entities.

    Sample Usage

    Here's a simple example of how ent2ncr() can be used in WordPress:

    // Sample text with named entities
    $sample_text = "Copyright symbol: © and registered trademark: ®";
    // Convert named entities to numbered entities
    $converted_text = ent2ncr($sample_text);
    // Output the converted text
    echo $converted_text; // Outputs: Copyright symbol: © and registered trademark: ®

    In this example, © and ® are named entities in the original text. The ent2ncr() function converts them into their numbered counterparts, © and ®, respectively.

    Use Cases

    • Preparing Text for XML or RSS Feeds: XML-based formats often require numbered entities to ensure proper parsing and display.
    • Compatibility with Various Browsers and Email Clients: When sending HTML content via email or displaying it in different browsers, using numbered entities can reduce the likelihood of display issues related to character encoding.


    The ent2ncr() function is a handy utility in WordPress for converting named HTML entities into numbered entities, enhancing compatibility and reducing potential issues with character encoding across different platforms and standards.

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