Function and usage of excerpt_remove_blocks() in wordpress


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    The excerpt_remove_blocks() function in WordPress is designed to handle a specific task related to the creation of post excerpts. Here's a detailed explanation and an example of how it's used:

    Function Definition:

    Function Name: excerpt_remove_blocks

    Syntax: excerpt_remove_blocks( string $content ): string


    This function processes a given string of content, typically the full content of a WordPress post, and parses out the blocks. After parsing, it renders only those blocks that are appropriate for an excerpt.


    In WordPress, excerpts are meant to be concise summaries of the full post content. They should give readers an idea of what the post is about without revealing everything. The excerpt_remove_blocks() function serves to identify and render parts of the post content that are most suitable for this summarization. It filters out blocks that are less likely to contain summary-worthy text, such as certain media blocks.


    • $content (string) [required]: This is the full content of a post that you want to parse. It includes all the text, media, and other blocks that make up the post.


    • string: The function returns a string. This string is the parsed and filtered content, stripped of blocks that are not suitable for an excerpt.

    Sample Usage:

    In a WordPress theme or plugin, you might use this function to create custom excerpts for display in archive pages, search results, or widgets. Here's a basic example:

    // Assume $post_content contains the full content of a WordPress post
    $post_content = get_the_content();
    // Use the function to get excerpt-appropriate content
    $excerpt_content = excerpt_remove_blocks( $post_content );
    // Display the excerpt content
    echo $excerpt_content;

    In this example, $post_content holds the full content of a post. The excerpt_remove_blocks() function is then used to extract a suitable excerpt from this content, which is then stored in $excerpt_content. Finally, this excerpt content is echoed out, which could be part of a template file for displaying posts.

    Remember, this function is particularly useful when you have a complex post layout with various blocks and you want a clean, text-based excerpt for previews.

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