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    The favorite_actions() function in WordPress is a part of its legacy features, having been deprecated since version 3.2. This function was originally used to display a set of favorite actions or frequently accessed features within the WordPress admin interface. The idea was to provide quick access to commonly used functionalities to improve the efficiency of administrative tasks.

    Function Usage:

    Before deprecation, favorite_actions() could be used in WordPress themes or plugins to customize the administrative experience. It allowed developers to define a set of quick links or actions that would appear prominently in the admin area. However, since its deprecation, the function is no longer the recommended approach for achieving this functionality.

    Sample Usage (Pre-Deprecation):

    Here's an example of how favorite_actions() might have been used before it was deprecated:

    function my_custom_favorite_actions($actions) {
        $actions['post-new.php'] = array('Add New Post', 'manage_options');
        $actions['edit-comments.php'] = array('Comments', 'manage_comments');
        return $actions;
    add_filter('favorite_actions', 'my_custom_favorite_actions');

    In this example, my_custom_favorite_actions function adds two favorite actions - 'Add New Post' and 'Comments'. This function is then hooked to the favorite_actions filter to modify the favorite actions displayed in the admin area.

    Post-Deprecation Approach:

    After deprecation, WordPress recommends using the WP_Admin_Bar class to add or modify admin bar items instead of using favorite_actions(). The admin bar is the toolbar that appears at the top of the page when you are logged into your WordPress site. It provides access to various administrative functions, making it a more integrated and modern approach compared to the old favorite actions.

    WP_Admin_Bar Example:

    function my_admin_bar_link($admin_bar){
            'id'    => 'my-item',
            'title' => 'My Item',
            'href'  => admin_url('my-page.php'),
            'meta'  => array(
                'title' => __('My Item Title'),            
    add_action('admin_bar_menu', 'my_admin_bar_link', 100);

    In this example, a new link titled 'My Item' is added to the WordPress admin bar. This link leads to 'my-page.php' and is added via the admin_bar_menu action.


    While favorite_actions() served a purpose in earlier versions of WordPress, it's important for developers to adapt to the newer WP_Admin_Bar for adding or customizing admin toolbar items, ensuring compatibility and taking advantage of the modern WordPress features.

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