Function and usage of fix_import_form_size() in wordpress


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    The fix_import_form_size() function in WordPress is designed to manage the upload space for a site. This function primarily helps in determining the remaining upload space available, based on the current maximum size specified. Here's a detailed explanation of the function and a sample usage:

    Function Definition:

    fix_import_form_size( int $size ): int


    • $size (int, required): This parameter represents the current maximum size for an upload, measured in bytes.


    • The primary purpose of this function is to calculate the remaining upload space available for the site.
    • It takes the current maximum upload size as an input.
    • The function then performs calculations (likely involving the total storage capacity of the site and the amount of space already used) to determine how much space is left for new uploads.

    Return Value:

    • The function returns an integer value.
    • This integer represents the maximum size for uploads, in bytes, that is currently available on the site.

    Sample Usage:

    Let's say you want to check the available upload space before allowing a user to upload a file. You might have a maximum upload size limit defined in your WordPress settings. Here's how you could use fix_import_form_size():

    // Assume you have a maximum upload size set, for example, 5 MB.
    $max_upload_size = 5000000; // 5 MB in bytes
    // Use the function to get the available upload size.
    $available_upload_size = fix_import_form_size($max_upload_size);
    // Check if the available size is sufficient for a new upload.
    if ($available_upload_size >= $new_file_size) {
        // Proceed with the upload
    } else {
        // Inform the user that the file is too large
        echo "Sorry, your file is too large. Maximum upload size is " . $available_upload_size . " bytes.";

    In this example, $new_file_size would be the size of the file the user is trying to upload. The fix_import_form_size() function is used to ensure that this file size does not exceed the available upload space on the site.

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