Function and usage of force_ssl_content() in wordpress


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    The force_ssl_content() function in WordPress is used to control whether SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is enforced on the content of your WordPress site. This function is particularly useful for ensuring that all content is served over a secure HTTPS connection, enhancing the security of your website.

    Function Definition:

    force_ssl_content( bool $force = '' ): bool


    1. $force (bool, optional): This parameter is a boolean value that determines whether SSL should be forced on the content. It's an optional parameter with a default value of an empty string ('').

      • If set to true, SSL will be forced on the content.
      • If set to false, SSL will not be forced.
      • If left as the default value (''), the function will use the existing setting or the WordPress default setting.

    Return Value:

    • The function returns a boolean value (bool):
      • true if SSL is forced on the content.
      • false if SSL is not forced.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's an example of how you might use force_ssl_content() in your WordPress site:

    // Check if SSL is currently forced
    if ( ! force_ssl_content() ) {
        // If not, force SSL on content
        force_ssl_content( true );

    In this example, the force_ssl_content() function is first called without any parameters to check if SSL is currently being forced on the content. If it returns false (indicating SSL is not forced), the function is then called again with true as a parameter to force SSL on the content.

    Best Practices:

    • Use this function if you want to programmatically control the SSL settings on your site's content, especially if you're developing a plugin or a theme that requires secure content delivery.
    • It's important to ensure that your server is properly configured for SSL before forcing it on your content to avoid any site accessibility issues.
    • Consider the impact on site performance and compatibility, as forcing SSL might affect how certain resources are loaded.

    Remember, forcing SSL is a good practice for security, but it should be implemented carefully to ensure it doesn't cause unintended issues on your WordPress site.

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