Function and usage of force_ssl_login() in wordpress


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    The force_ssl_login() function in WordPress is used to control whether SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) should be enforced for user logins. This function is particularly useful for enhancing security by ensuring that login credentials are transmitted over a secure connection.

    Function Signature:

    force_ssl_login( string|bool $force = null ): bool

    Function Details:

    1. Purpose: To determine whether SSL should be used for logins to your WordPress site.

    2. Description: When SSL is forced for logins, it means that the login page (typically wp-login.php) will be served over HTTPS, ensuring that the login credentials are encrypted during transmission. This is an important security measure, especially for sites that handle sensitive data.

    3. Related Function: force_ssl_admin(). While force_ssl_login() applies specifically to the login process, force_ssl_admin() is used to enforce SSL on all admin pages.


    • $force (string|bool, optional): This parameter specifies whether SSL should be forced for logins.
      • If set to true, SSL will be enforced for logins.
      • If set to false, SSL will not be enforced.
      • If not set (or null), the function will return the current state without making any changes.

    Return Value:

    • The function returns a boolean (bool).
      • true if SSL login is forced.
      • false if SSL login is not forced.

    Sample Usage:

    To Enable SSL for Logins:

    // Force SSL for logins

    To Check if SSL is Forced for Logins:

    // Check if SSL is forced for logins
    $is_forced = force_ssl_login();
    if ($is_forced) {
        echo 'SSL is forced for logins.';
    } else {
        echo 'SSL is not forced for logins.';

    To Disable SSL for Logins:

    // Disable SSL for logins

    This function should be used with caution and typically in conjunction with appropriate SSL certificate configurations on your server. Forcing SSL without a valid certificate can lead to access issues for your users.

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