Function and usage of get_admin_page_title() in wordpress


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    The get_admin_page_title() function in WordPress is a utility function used within the WordPress admin area. It is designed to retrieve the title of the current admin page being viewed. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:

    Function Signature

    get_admin_page_title(): string

    Function Details

    • Purpose: To obtain the title of the current admin page.
    • Return Type: string - This function returns a string value, which is the title of the current admin page.

    How It Works

    • When working in the WordPress admin area, each page typically has a unique title, which is set by the page itself or by plugins that add custom pages.
    • get_admin_page_title() accesses this title, allowing theme and plugin developers to use or display it programmatically.
    • This function is particularly useful for creating consistent and dynamic admin interfaces, especially when developing custom admin pages or plugins.

    Sample Usage

    Scenario: Displaying the Admin Page Title in a Custom Plugin Page

    Let's say you're developing a custom plugin with its own admin page. You want to display the admin page title dynamically at the top of your plugin's settings page.

    // Inside your custom plugin admin page callback function
    function my_custom_plugin_settings_page() {
        // Retrieve the current admin page title
        $page_title = get_admin_page_title();
        // Display the title in an <h1> tag
        echo '<h1>' . esc_html( $page_title ) . '</h1>';
        // Rest of your settings page content goes here

    In this example, get_admin_page_title() is used to fetch the current admin page title when your custom plugin page is rendered. The title is then displayed inside an <h1> tag, ensuring that users see a contextually relevant title for the settings page. The esc_html() function is used to ensure that the title is safely rendered to prevent potential security issues, such as cross-site scripting (XSS).

    By using get_admin_page_title(), you can maintain a consistent look and feel across your custom admin pages, aligning with WordPress's standard UI practices.

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