Function and usage of get_allowed_themes() in wordpress


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    The get_allowed_themes() function in WordPress is a utility function used to retrieve a list of themes that are allowed for the current site. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:


    • get_allowed_themes()

    Return Type:

    • WP_Theme[]: An array of WP_Theme objects.


    • This function is used to get the allowed themes for the current WordPress site. It's particularly useful in a multisite network where different sites may have different sets of allowed themes.
    • The themes returned are those that are both installed and permitted for use on the site.
    • It returns an array of WP_Theme objects, each representing a theme. These objects provide methods and properties to access detailed information about each theme.

    See Also:

    • wp_get_themes(): This function is related and can be used to retrieve all installed themes, not just those allowed for the current site.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's a basic example of how you might use get_allowed_themes() in a WordPress plugin or theme:

    $allowed_themes = get_allowed_themes();
    foreach ( $allowed_themes as $theme_name => $theme_object ) {
        echo 'Theme Name: ' . $theme_name . '<br>';
        echo 'Theme Title: ' . $theme_object->get('Name') . '<br>';
        echo 'Theme Author: ' . $theme_object->get('Author') . '<br>';
        // ... other theme details

    In this example, the get_allowed_themes() function is called to retrieve the array of allowed WP_Theme objects. Then, a foreach loop is used to iterate over each theme. Inside the loop, you can access various details about each theme, such as its name, title, author, etc., using the get() method of the WP_Theme object.

    Remember, this function is particularly relevant in a multisite setup. In a standard WordPress installation, it will generally return the same list as wp_get_themes(), unless specific restrictions are applied.

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