Function and usage of get_all_page_ids() in wordpress


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    The get_all_page_ids() function in WordPress is a simple yet useful function primarily used for retrieving a list of all the page IDs from a WordPress website. Here's a detailed explanation and a sample usage:


    get_all_page_ids(): string[]

    • Purpose: The main function of get_all_page_ids() is to fetch an array of all the page IDs that exist in your WordPress site.

    • Return Value: It returns an array (string[]) where each element is a string representing the ID of a page. Even though page IDs are typically integers, they are returned as strings in this array.

    Sample Usage:

    1. Getting List of All Page IDs:

      • You can call this function to get an array of all page IDs. For example:
        $page_ids = get_all_page_ids();
    2. Iterating Over the Page IDs:

      • Once you have the array, you can iterate over it to perform various operations related to each page. For example:
        foreach ( $page_ids as $id ) {
            // Perform actions with each page ID
            echo "Page ID: " . $id . "<br>";
    3. Practical Applications:

      • This function is particularly useful if you need to perform bulk operations on pages, such as updating metadata, checking page statuses, or creating a sitemap.
    4. Limitations:

      • Remember that this function might return a large array if your website has many pages, which could impact performance. Use it cautiously, especially on websites with a large number of pages.
    5. Note:

      • This function is part of WordPress's native functions and does not require any additional plugins to use. Make sure your code is running within the WordPress environment to use this function effectively.

    In summary, get_all_page_ids() is a straightforward WordPress function used to retrieve all page IDs as an array of strings, enabling developers to easily manage and manipulate pages on a WordPress site.

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