Function and usage of get_all_post_type_supports() in wordpress


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    The get_all_post_type_supports() function in WordPress is a utility function designed to retrieve a list of all the features that a specified post type supports. Here's a detailed explanation and a sample usage of this function:

    Function Signature

    get_all_post_type_supports( string $post_type ): array


    • $post_type (string, required): The post type for which you want to get the list of supported features.

    Return Value

    • array: An associative array where each key is a feature supported by the post type and the corresponding value is true.


    The get_all_post_type_supports() function is used to get a comprehensive list of all the features supported by a specific post type in WordPress. This includes features like 'title', 'editor', 'thumbnail', 'comments', and many others that can be associated with a post type. It's particularly useful when you want to check what capabilities a custom post type has or when modifying the features of existing post types.

    Example Usage

    Let's say you have a custom post type 'book' and you want to find out all the features it supports:

    // Get supports for the 'book' post type
    $supports = get_all_post_type_supports('book');
    // Output the list of features
    echo '<pre>';
    echo '</pre>';

    In this example, $supports will be an array containing all the features that the 'book' post type supports. The print_r() function is used to display the contents of the array in a readable format.

    Practical Application

    This function is particularly useful in theme and plugin development. For instance, if you're developing a plugin that requires certain post type features to function correctly, you can use this function to check if those features are supported by the post type in question. If not, you can programmatically add the necessary support using add_post_type_support().


    get_all_post_type_supports() is a simple yet powerful function for WordPress developers, allowing them to quickly ascertain the capabilities and features of different post types within a WordPress installation. This can aid in both debugging and extending the functionality of WordPress themes and plugins.

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