Function and usage of get_author_link() in wordpress


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    The get_author_link() function in WordPress is used to retrieve or display the link to an author's posts. Here's a detailed explanation of the function and its usage:

    Function Signature

    get_author_link( bool $display, int $author_id, string $author_nicename = '' ): string|null

    Function Description

    • Purpose: This function is designed to either return or print the URL link to the archive of posts by a specific author.
    • See Also: It's related to get_author_posts_url(), which is another WordPress function used for a similar purpose.


    1. $display (bool, required): This parameter determines the behavior of the function in terms of output.
      • If set to true, the function prints the URL directly.
      • If set to false, the function returns the URL as a string.
    2. $author_id (int, required): The unique ID of the author. This ID is used to identify which author's post link to retrieve.
    3. $author_nicename (string, optional): An alternative to using the author's ID. This is the 'nice' version of the author's name, typically a lowercase, hyphenated version.
      • Default value: '' (empty string).

    Return Value

    • Type: string|null
    • Description: The function returns the URL link as a string. If the author does not exist or an error occurs, it returns null.

    Sample Usage

    Here's an example of how you might use get_author_link():

    // Assuming you have an author's ID and you want to print their posts' link
    $author_id = 123; // Replace with the actual author ID
    $author_nicename = 'john-doe'; // Replace with the actual author's nice name
    // To print the link directly
    get_author_link(true, $author_id);
    // To return the link as a string and then use it
    $author_posts_link = get_author_link(false, $author_id, $author_nicename);
    // You can now echo or manipulate $author_posts_link as needed
    echo $author_posts_link;


    • This function is part of WordPress's template tags, typically used in theme development.
    • It's crucial to ensure that the author ID or nicename corresponds to a valid author in the WordPress database.
    • The output and usage of this function can be customized based on the theme's design and requirements.

    By using get_author_link(), WordPress theme developers can provide a convenient way for users to access all posts by a particular author, enhancing the navigability and user experience of a WordPress site.

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