Function and usage of get_block_theme_folders() in wordpress


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    The get_block_theme_folders() function in WordPress is designed to handle the directory structure related to block themes, particularly for backward compatibility. Here's a detailed explanation of the function and its usage:

    Function: get_block_theme_folders( string $theme_stylesheet = null ): string[]


    • The main purpose of this function is to ensure backward compatibility for block themes in WordPress.
    • Block themes might use different folder names like block-templates or block-template-parts.
    • This function helps in identifying the correct folder names and fallbacks, ensuring the theme functions correctly with the WordPress block editor.


    1. $theme_stylesheet (string, optional):
      • This parameter specifies the stylesheet for which the folder names are needed.
      • It is used to define a specific theme other than the main active theme.
      • The default value is null, which means the function will consider the main theme root.

    Return Value:

    • The function returns an array of strings (string[]), each representing a folder name.
    • These folder names are used by block themes to store their templates and template parts.
    • Typically, the returned array includes:
      • wp_template: A string indicating the theme-relative directory name for block templates.
      • wp_template_part: A string indicating the theme-relative directory name for block template parts.

    Sample Usage:

    // Example usage of get_block_theme_folders function
    // Getting folders for the current theme
    $current_theme_folders = get_block_theme_folders();
    // Print the folder names
    // Getting folders for a specific theme by its stylesheet name
    $specific_theme_folders = get_block_theme_folders('my-custom-theme');
    // Print the folder names for the specific theme

    In this example:

    • First, the function is called without any arguments to get the folder names for the current active theme.
    • Then, it's called with a specific theme stylesheet name to get the folder names for that particular theme.

    This function is particularly useful for theme developers who need to ensure their block themes are compatible with different WordPress versions and directory structures. It helps in locating the right directories for templates and template parts, maintaining the functionality of block-based themes.

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