Function and usage of get_boundary_post_rel_link() in wordpress


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    The get_boundary_post_rel_link() function in WordPress is designed to retrieve the relational link for either the first or the last post in a series, based on the specified criteria. This function can be particularly useful for navigation purposes, allowing users to jump to the boundary posts (either the start or the end) within a specified context, such as a category. Here's a detailed explanation of the function and its parameters:

    Function Signature

    get_boundary_post_rel_link( string $title = '%title', bool $in_same_cat = false, string $excluded_categories = '', bool $start = true ): string

    Function Purpose

    • Get boundary post relational link: This function fetches a relational link to either the first or last post in a set, depending on the parameters provided.


    1. $title (string, optional):

      • Purpose: Specifies the format of the link title.
      • Default: '%title'. This means that by default, the title of the post is used as the link title.
      • Usage Example: If you want the link title to say “First Post: [Post Title]”, you could set this parameter as 'First Post: %title'.
    2. $in_same_cat (bool, optional):

      • Purpose: Determines whether the link should point to a post in the same category as the current post.
      • Default: false. By default, the function does not restrict the link to the same category.
      • Usage Example: Setting this to true is useful when you want navigation strictly within the same category.
    3. $excluded_categories (string, optional):

      • Purpose: Allows specifying categories to be excluded.
      • Default: '' (empty string). By default, no categories are excluded.
      • Usage Example: To exclude categories with IDs 5 and 7, you would set this parameter as '5,7'.
    4. $start (bool, optional):

      • Purpose: Specifies whether to get the link to the first post (true) or the last post (false).
      • Default: true. By default, it points to the first post.
      • Usage Example: Set to false if you need a link to the last post.

    Return Value

    • The function returns a string.
    • This string is the HTML anchor tag (<a>) for the relational link.
    • If no relevant post is found (based on the parameters), the function returns an empty string.

    Sample Usage

    Here’s an example of how to use get_boundary_post_rel_link():

    // Get a link to the first post in the same category, excluding category ID 10
    $first_post_link = get_boundary_post_rel_link('%title', true, '10', true);
    echo $first_post_link; // Outputs the HTML link

    In this example, the function will generate a link to the first post that is in the same category as the current post, but not in category ID 10. The link title will be the title of that post.

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