Function and usage of get_category_to_edit() in wordpress


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    The get_category_to_edit() function in WordPress is a utility function used primarily within the WordPress admin to retrieve a category object for editing. This function is specifically designed to fetch category details suitable for editing purposes.

    Function Signature:

    get_category_to_edit( int $id ): object


    • $id (int) - Required. The ID of the category you want to retrieve.

    Return Value:

    • Returns an object. This object contains all the details of the category identified by the provided ID. The data is filtered and formatted specifically for editing.


    The primary use of get_category_to_edit() is in scenarios where you need to retrieve a category's details for the purpose of editing it in the WordPress admin. This function ensures that the category data is presented in a way that's suitable for the edit screens.


    Here's a basic example of how you might use get_category_to_edit():

    $category_id = 10; // Assume this is the category ID you want to edit
    $category_to_edit = get_category_to_edit( $category_id );
    if ( ! is_wp_error( $category_to_edit ) ) {
        // Access the category details
        $category_name = $category_to_edit->name;
        $category_description = $category_to_edit->description;
        // Now, you can use these details to populate an edit form
        // ...

    In this example:

    1. We specify a category ID (in this case, 10).
    2. We use get_category_to_edit() to fetch the category object.
    3. We check if the returned object is not a WP_Error.
    4. We access properties like name and description from the category object.
    5. These details can then be used, for example, to populate fields in a category edit form in a custom admin page.

    Important Notes:

    • Context: This function is mostly used in the WordPress backend. It's not common to use it on the front end of a site.
    • Permissions: Make sure you have appropriate permissions to edit categories when using this function.
    • Error Handling: Always check if the returned value is a WP_Error object, especially if there's a chance that the provided category ID might not exist.

    This function simplifies the process of retrieving category data for editing purposes within the WordPress admin area, ensuring that the data is presented in an editable format.

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