Function and usage of get_core_updates() in wordpress


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    The get_core_updates() function in WordPress is used to retrieve available updates for the WordPress core. This function is particularly useful for developers and administrators who need to programmatically check for available updates to the WordPress core software. Here's a detailed explanation of the function and its usage:

    Function Definition:

    get_core_updates( array $options = array() ): array|false

    Function Purpose:

    • Gets Available Core Updates: This function is designed to fetch the list of available updates for the WordPress core. It's an integral part of WordPress's update system, ensuring the site is running the latest and most secure version of WordPress.


    • $options (array, optional): This is an associative array of options that modify the function's behavior.
      • $options['dismissed'] (boolean): When set to true, this option includes updates that have been dismissed by the user. Dismissed updates are those that an administrator might have chosen to ignore or postpone.
      • $options['available'] (boolean): When set to false, this option will skip updates that have not been dismissed. This is useful if you only want to see updates that have been previously dismissed.
      • Default value: array(). By default, the function will fetch updates that are not dismissed.

    Return Value:

    • array|false: The function returns an array of update objects if successful. Each object in this array represents an available update with its details. If the function fails (for example, due to a connection error to the WordPress update server), it returns false.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's an example of how you might use get_core_updates() in a WordPress plugin or theme:

    // Fetch all available updates, including dismissed ones
    $updates_options = array('dismissed' => true);
    $available_updates = get_core_updates($updates_options);
    if (is_array($available_updates)) {
        foreach ($available_updates as $update) {
            // Process each update object
            // Example: display the update version
            echo "Available update: WordPress " . $update->current . "<br>";
    } else {
        echo "Failed to fetch updates.";

    In this example, the get_core_updates() function is called with the option to include dismissed updates. It then checks if the return value is an array and processes each update object, for instance, by displaying the version of each available update.

    This function is a powerful tool for managing WordPress core updates, providing flexibility and control over which updates are considered and displayed within a WordPress application.

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