Function and usage of get_date_template() in wordpress


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    The get_date_template() function in WordPress is a part of the WordPress template system, which is used to manage the way content is displayed on a WordPress site. Here's a detailed explanation of this function:

    Function Signature:

    get_date_template(): string

    Function Purpose:

    • Retrieves the path of the date template in the current or parent template.
    • This function is used primarily to load the appropriate template file for displaying date-based archives (like year, month, or day archives) on a WordPress website.

    Function Description:

    • WordPress uses a hierarchy for its templates, which allows theme developers to create specific files for displaying different types of content.
    • When a date-based archive is requested (such as a monthly archive), WordPress will use get_date_template() to find the correct template file to use.
    • The function works by checking the current theme (and its parent theme, if applicable) for the appropriate date template file.
    • The function implements a filterable hierarchy system, allowing developers to modify or extend the template selection process. This is done through the '$type_template_hierarchy' and '$type_template' dynamic hooks, where $type is 'date'.
    • It's part of a family of functions that retrieve various types of templates (e.g., get_page_template(), get_single_template()).


    • Typically used within WordPress theme files.
    • Not usually called directly by theme developers; it's more of an internal function used by WordPress itself.
    • When a date-based query is made, WordPress internally calls get_date_template() to determine the correct template file.
    • Developers can hook into the template selection process via the mentioned filters to provide custom template paths.


    Here's an illustrative example of how it might be used indirectly:

    if (is_date()) {
        // WordPress internally uses get_date_template() to find and load the appropriate template file
        // for example, date.php, archive.php, or index.php in this order.

    Related Functions:

    • get_query_template(): A related function that get_date_template() uses internally. It's a more generic function for retrieving various types of templates based on the query.

    Return Value:

    • Returns a string: The full path to the date template file.


    • This function is part of the WordPress Template Hierarchy, an essential concept in WordPress theme development.
    • Understanding the full scope of the template hierarchy can greatly aid in understanding how this function fits into overall theme development.

    This function exemplifies the modularity and extensibility of WordPress themes, allowing for precise control over how different types of content are displayed.

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