Function and usage of get_dropins() in wordpress


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    The get_dropins() function in WordPress is used to check the wp-content directory and retrieve all drop-in plugins along with their respective plugin data. A drop-in plugin in WordPress is a special kind of plugin that can replace or enhance existing WordPress functionality.

    Here's a detailed explanation of its function and a sample usage:

    Function: get_dropins()


    • To scan the wp-content directory for all drop-in plugins.
    • To retrieve detailed data about each of these plugins.

    Return Value:

    • array[]: This function returns an array of arrays. Each array element contains data about one drop-in plugin, keyed by the plugin file name.

    Data Retrieved:

    • The data for each plugin is gathered in the same way as the get_plugin_data() function in WordPress. This includes details like the plugin's name, version, description, author, and more.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's how you might typically use get_dropins() in a WordPress environment:

    // Check if the function exists to avoid errors in case of absence
    if (function_exists('get_dropins')) {
        $dropins = get_dropins();
        // Check if there are any drop-in plugins
        if (!empty($dropins)) {
            echo '<h3>Drop-in Plugins:</h3>';
            echo '<ul>';
            // Loop through each drop-in plugin and display its data
            foreach ($dropins as $file => $plugin) {
                echo '<li>';
                echo '<strong>' . esc_html($plugin['Name']) . ':</strong> ';
                echo esc_html($plugin['Description']);
                echo ' <em>(Version ' . esc_html($plugin['Version']) . ')</em>';
                echo '</li>';
            echo '</ul>';
        } else {
            echo '<p>No drop-in plugins found.</p>';
    } else {
        echo '<p>get_dropins function is not available.</p>';

    In this sample, the get_dropins() function is first checked for existence to prevent errors in environments where it might not be available. It then retrieves the list of drop-in plugins, checks if the list is not empty, and iterates through each plugin to display its name, description, and version. The data is escaped for security using esc_html(). This code could be used in a WordPress theme or plugin to list and display information about all active drop-in plugins.

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